Rice & Lentil Stew with Vegetable Kebabs
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Rice & Lentil Stew with Vegetable Kebabs
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 Tasty Food from the sub continent


Our menu ideas include appetizers and entrees from all four corners of India. Whether you want to learn to cook or have a private chef cook for you, these menu ideas will inspire you to try these subcontinental varieties. You can also try a range of ready-to-eat frozen meals available in a few local co-op stores in Vermont. 

Specializing in gluten free and vegan cuisine.


   Dhokla – spiced cake with mixed lentils and rice.
   Patra – collard greens stuffed, rolled and steamed with tempering.
   Dahi wada – lentil croquet soaked in yogurt and served with tamarind chutney.
   Pakora – assorted vegetable fritters coated with our secret batter and deep fried.
   Green pea kachori – peas and lentil croquets with herbs and spices.
   Shish kebab – spiced ground meat or chicken on skewers.
   Tikka kebabs –  Tandoori chicken pieces on a skewer.patty.

Tometo icon  Muthia-  Steamed vegetables and multi grain flour dumplings.

Tometo icon  Wada – Seasonal stuffed squash , pumpkin or Potato patty.

Dal Tadka

Spicy lentil soup – combination of lentils and vegetables cooked in our own spices.
Kadhi mildly spiced Yogurt soup.
Rasam – pepper soup.
Sambar – rich dal soup from south India.
Oos soup – rich soup made from rice and lentils and flavored with dill

Chana Masala

  Wedding stew – deep fried root vegetable stew.
  Dodhi (Asian gourd) Buryani- mildly spiced gourd served with caramelized rice.
  Dhansakh – our flagship entrée, a rich dal comprising several lentils, vegetables and our own proprietory spices-guaranteed to knock you off your feet!

Tometo icon Biryani – cottage cheese and mix vegetables pilaf.
  Kofta curry- croquets in a spicy gravy.
  Kadhi with pakoras – yogurt curry with fried onion pakora.
  Undhyu – mixed vegetables cooked in herbs and spices.
Dal Tadka – mixed lentils with tempered spices.
Usal – bean medley with gravy.
Aloo gobi – Potato and cauliflower.
Palak Paneer – Needs no introduction.
Channa Masala – Chickpeas in a rich sauce.
South Indian speciality – Dosa or Uttapa served with Sambhar and coconut chutney.  pancake made with fermented rice and lentils.
Lemon or Tomato rice – Basmati rice cooked with tempered spices with a tangy flavor.

Indian Thali

A full meal consisting of appetizers,rice, vegetables,dals,
and pickles served with sweet dish and chapati.

Fish Chiken

  Fish/chicken Curry and Rice – coconut curry cooked with seeds and spices.
  Chicken/Lamb Biryani – meat marinated in yogurt and spices cooked in a tradition Dum layered technique with rice
  Chicken Pilaf – flavorful pilaf with fried potatoes, nuts and peas
  Dhansakh with Kebab – different lentils cooked with vegetables, spices, meat,served with caramelized spiced rice and meat balls.
  Lamb Oos – rice and lentils cooked with dill Rich soup made from rice and lentils and flavored with dill.
  Turkey/Beef frill cutlets – spiced ground meat fried in crispy egg batter.
  Patra fish – fish wrapped in plantain leaves and steamed with herb chutney.
  Shrimp patio – shrimp cooked in a spiced tomato sauce.

Tometo icon  Pork / Chicken vindaloo – This will tentlize all your taste bunds with it’s sweets , spicy and tangy flavor.

Tometo icon  Sali Boti – Most popular parsi dish made with lamb in a mildly sour and spicy gravy served with straw potatos.

Tometo icon  Kofta curry – minced meat  croquets in a spicy gravy.


  Bhakri biscuit like whole wheat pita.
  Paratha Whole wheat flat bread, stuffed or plain.
  Jower Roti – White millet (gluten free) flat bread.
  Tandoori Naan.
  Puri – Deep fried and puffed up whole wheat bread.

Aachar & Cutenys

  Carrot and raisin achar
  Sweet mango achar.
  Sweet squash Murambo(Jam).
  Green herb chutney, made with cilantro, green chillies, mint and spices.
  Sweet and sour tamarind chutney.
  Coconut tempered chutney.
  Garlic and tomato chutney.

Mung Dal Halwa

  Mango icecream
  Kulfi – Traditional ice cream.
  Custard – Rich baked pudding with nuts.
  Mung Dal Halva – Lentils cooked with jaggery and ghee.
  Parsi Ravo – semolina pudding like sweet dish served on festival occassions.
  Chocolate burfi – indian chocolate fudge.

Tometo icon Carrot Halwa