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Brief history of my culinary experiences
Delna Boyce is a Parsi who lives in Vermont with her family. She and her husband enjoy good food intensely and see it as a mission to take the rich heritage of Parsi cuisine to all.
Parsis, the original inhabitants of ancient Iran are a miniscule ethnic group of a few hundred thousand worldwide (mostly in Mumbai, India) who worship Fire (in Fire temples) and adhere to the principles of their prophet Zarathustra who
lived around 2nd century BC in ancient Iran. Their cuisine is a reflection of their philosophy of eating well (Parsis are gastronomers) enjoying life and spreading happiness to all.
Parsis(Fire worshipers and followers of Prophet Zarathustra) migrated to India around 1300 years back from Iran to escape conversion and cruel persecution by the invading Muslims. They originally entered the state of Gujarat in Western India and gradually moved to Bombay (now Mumbai) where they flourished under British rule due to their high standards of education and strong business acumen. They were also more adaptive of western culture and less restrictive in their religious outlook than native Indians and developed strong relationships with the occupying rulers.
Delna Boyce
Mingling of Cuisines
Parsis curry is a typical example of the combination of the influences of Iran (nuts) and India (coconut and spices). Trade ties with the British introduced them to western cuisine from which they have adopted many dishes and made them typically their own like the stews and the roasts The Iranian influence is seen in the meat and chicken dishes cooked with vegetables like okra and spinach and the use of nuts and rose water in the preparation of pulaos, biryani and mughlai dishes.
The most popular Dhan-sakh meaning rice- vegetable has evolved from the Iranian 'khoreste esfannaj' a dish cooked with meat lentils and spinach.It’s a healthy dish that encompasses 3-4 different lentils, a long list of vegetables and spices that leaves the senses thoroughly satisfied.
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